The San Andreas Parks Department (SAPD) proudly serves as stewards for a myriad of parks, outdoor spaces, and various facilities throughout the state. Committed to preserving and enhancing these natural and recreational areas, our dedicated team ensures a harmonious blend of environmental conservation and community enjoyment for all visitors.

Please note that we cannot always guarantee Park Employees or Rangers will be available the day of your event. While SAPD may attend the events, we are not event staff. You will need to coordinate your own security and event staff.

To make a reservation, please review our Reservation Policies and then fill out our Reservation and Event Notification form ASAP to ensure that your event date is blocked out for your chosen venue.

Parks & Outdoor Areas

The following are considered public areas, and do not require a reservation fee.

While there is no cost or need for a permit to host an event within these areas, we do request that you still fill out our Reservation and Event Notification form to notify us of events so we can conduct an Environmental Impact Study and create a Clean Up Action Plan. Please answer as many of the questions in the form as you can to streamline this process for all parties.


Ben Mendelson State Park

Chiliad State Park

Paleto State Park

Senora National Park

Vespucci State Park

Del Perro Pier

Vinewood State Park

Sisyphus Theatre


Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness + Raton Canyon + Zancudo Trail area
Mount Gordo area
East of Chianski Passage + San Chianski Mountain Range area
Tataviam Mountains area
Palomino Highlands area

Please use caution when conducting events in these areas. While hunters are required to keep an eye out for visitors, SAPD cannot be held responsible for hunting-related injuries.


These areas are used for animal rehabilitation, scientific monitoring, and public education.

Raton Canyon Conservation Zone (Cassidy Trail and Raton Pass)

This zone is open for event usage.

PAW (Pets and Wildlife) Ranch + additional land

While this zone is open to the public, the Ranch on the north side of the zone is considered private SAPD property. At this time, this facility is not available for reservations.


The following are considered private SAPD property, and do require an hourly fee for reservations.

Sunshine Welcome Center

The Sunshine Welcome Center is an educational facility located in the Paleto Forest area, across Great Ocean Highway from the Paleto Forest Ranger Station.

Mt. Chiliad Campgrounds

The Mt. Chiliad Campgrounds venue is a large camping facility located in the Mt. Chiliad State Wilderness area. It is a complete refurbishment of the old “altruist camp” at the base of the mountains.