Take a relaxing bike ride through the woods, or go for something more challenging, like biking up to the top of Mt. Chiliad.


Boats can be purchased or rented at various ports across the state. Only available to those who have a skipper’s license.


Tent camp at one of our remote locations, reserve a night at our summer camp-style facility, or buy an RV and have a sleepover in the parks.


Purchase a dowsing device from the hardware store, and go looking for treasure!


Grab a fishing pole from your local tackle shop and go fishing at the ocean or one of our many rivers and lakes.


Head down to the Lago Zancudo area and pick up some wild produce, most of which is safe to eat. (Watch out for the mushrooms, though.)


The San Andreas Parks Department has hidden caches all over our great state! Check in with our employees to get a key and go on a modern day treasure hunt!


Hike along one of our many walking trails – through the woods, across the desert, up the mountains, and more.


Get your hunting license, pick up a rifle and head to one of our clearly-marked hunting areas to hunt deer, boar, rabbits and more.

Jet Skiing

Rent a jet ski from one of many local ports and take a ride across Lake Alamo, down one of our rivers, or around the island.


Pick up your axe and talk to the local foreman at the logging mill to help cut down trees (and earn a little money while you do it).


If you own an off-road vehicle, take an exciting drive across our parks and other natural lands – just remember to wear a seatbelt, and don’t speed!

Scuba Diving

Purchase diving equipment from a local vendor to explore the oceans – just watch out for whales and sharks!


Ground level isn’t the only way you can enjoy the beauty of San Andreas. Take to the skies and sky dive into your favorite park, enjoying the scenery on your way back to the ground.

Swimming & Floating

Enjoy the many beaches, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water for swimming with friends! You can also jump on an inner tube and enjoy a nice float instead!