Founded in 2021, the SAPD’s mission is to enrich the lives of the residents of San Andreas by providing safe, welcoming Parks and recreation facilities for people of all ages to play, learn, contemplate, build community, and be good stewards of our environment.

The Parks Department, through careful efforts, protect Park resources so that future generations may enjoy them as well as protect those who are using the Parks.

All Parks Department employees are educators and our Parks Division focuses their time on Education and Community Outreach whereas our Rangers are sworn peace officers and are responsible for enforcing Wildlife and Environmental laws throughout the entire state of San Andreas.


Coast Guard

The Coast Guard division is responsible for maritime security as well as search & rescue missions. With careful planning, our Rangers are trained to conduct rescue operations across land, water and sea.

Wildland Fire

The Wildland Fire Strategic Division is a specialized unit tasked with the prevention of wildland fires in order to protect the public, park communities and infrastructure, conserve natural and cultural resources and to maintain and restore natural ecosystem processes.

Pets & Wildlife

The PAW (Pets & Wildlife) division is responsible for handling animal control calls, defending animal welfare, and providing resources for pet owners. PAW also educates the public on general safety when it comes to working with animals.