Explore, Learn, Protect.

The mission of the San Andreas Parks Department is to enrich the lives of the residents of San Andreas by providing safe, welcoming Parks and recreation facilities for people of all ages to play, learn, contemplate, build community, and be good stewards of our environment. For more information on the Department and its responsibilities, please read H.R. 323 – The San Andreas Parks Department Act of 2024.

Explore our open job positions below.

Park Rangers


We are looking for individuals who are interested in all aspects of the role of a Ranger; this includes Education and Community Outreach, assisting with or organizing events, taking care of State Parks and the environment, assisting with animal rehabilitation and rehoming, and also our role as Law Enforcement.

We would like to remind all potential applicants that we are NOT a stepping stone to a career with one of the dedicated Law Enforcement departments in the State; if you are interested in seeking a job with Law Enforcement, please apply when LEO applications open. We are a small department with a specific scope and are looking for a small number of dedicated individuals to join us.

Parks Employees


Parks Department Employees are passionate about nature, animals, conservation and making a positive impact in our community.

Our employees are responsible for maintaining all non-law enforcement aspects of the department, such as outreach, education, hosting events, doing field research, veterinary care and more.

Please note that while we are part of the Parks Department family, these are not the applications for Park Rangers.



If keeping the green places clean, safe and healthy, maintaining and building parks infrastructure and working outdoors for a wage sounds like something you can see yourself doing, apply to become a Groundskeeper.

The SAPD is looking for motivated, independent and hard working individuals who can apply their skills to conservation, custodianship and maintenance work by working in state parks.

Please note that while we are part of the Parks Department and you can get valuable Department-centered work experience, Groundskeepers are not Rangers.