What is the Owl Scouts Program?

Owl Scouts is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching leadership and life skills to adults of all ages in the state of San Andreas. It is also an advocacy program that promotes collaboration between local government, businesses, and individual citizens to help revitalize their communities, preserve local history, celebrate local heritage, and create close-to-home opportunities for everyone to get outside, be active, and have fun.

The Owl Scouts are officially organized as an educational program under the San Andreas Parks Department, with assistance from local citizens who are interested in volunteering their time to help run the organization.

What do Owl Scouts do?

Earn Badges

Activity-based awards earned by Scouts, such as Cooking, Fishing, Camping, and more

Enjoy the Outdoors

Scouting promotes an active lifestyle and assists SAPD with wildlife conservation

Host Camp Jamborees

Seasonal camping party that includes crafting, games, hiking, swimming and more!


Participate in community service and dedicate time to other volunteer projects


Sell cookies or host fundraising events to raise money for Scouts

Become Leaders

Help your neighbors and become recognized leaders in your local community

Who are the Owl Scouts for?

Everything an Owl Scout does—whether it’s climbing mountains, speaking up for their community, or planning exciting events—has been developed especially for our local citizens. People of all kinds are welcome to join the Scouts.

The benefits of joining Scouts include (but are not limited to):

Learning new life skills

Improving your leadership experience

Improving your physical and mental health

Networking, meeting new people, and making new friends

Helping your local community by organizing volunteer projects

Helping protect local wildlife by exploring the outdoors and working with SAPD on conservation efforts

Earning awards, acknowledgments, and volunteer experience that can be added to a resume or used as referrals for job interviews

Developing Leadership Skills

Owl Scouts is mentor-led.

Our organization provides leaders and mentors who can lend their guidance and expertise when needed. These mentors are knowledgeable in certain topics and are able to provide fresh perspectives when Scouts are faced with difficult or challenging situations.

Owl Scouts is collaborative.

Our scouting program encourages participants to get involved in their local communities by organizing projects, collaborating with government/businesses, and running their own events.

Owl Scouts learn by doing.

The Scouts program leads with hands-on learning. This means Scouts can do activities and earn badges for their efforts. They can also take what they’ve learned and apply new knowledge to their personal lives and the world around them.

Support the Scouts

Each bag of our cookies is $50 and comes with five servings

Marina Mints

Mint chocolate cookies double-dipped in a creamy fudge icing

Senora Sandies

Shortbread cookies made with butter, sugar, sea salt and pecans

Legion Lemon Squares

Lemon cookies dipped in icing and toped with lemon zest and crushed pistachios

Chiliad Cocomels

Coconut caramel cookies topped with creamy chocolate stripes

Mountain Mochas

Chocolate peanut butter cookies with large chocolate chunks, topped with peanuts

Sandy Smores

Graham cracker cookie sandwiches with chocolate and marshmallow creme

Owl Scout FAQs

How do I join the Owl Scouts?

  1. Fill out our Owl Scouts registration form.
  2. Join the SAPD Activity Boards and look at the #owl-scouts-faq channel to choose your role and receive access to the Scouts boards.
  3. Once you have received access to our Scout boards, review the Owl Scouts Handbook to learn more about our laws, activities, and more.
  4. Keep an eye out for announcements/emails regarding future Scouts meetings.
  5. Attend your first meeting to be onboarded as a Scout!

Are the Owl Scouts a prerequisite for getting a job with the Parks Department?

No, participating in the Owl Scouts program is not required before applying for a position with in the Parks Department. Being a Scout will not automatically increase your chances of being hired, either.

That said, those who are interested in working with our department on a volunteer basis are encouraged to join the Owl Scouts to gain first-hand experience on how the Parks Department conducts its outreach programs.

Where do I get an Owl Scouts uniform?

New Scouts will be provided a uniform during their onboarding. This uniform is only to be worn by Scouts while participating in official Scouting activities.

How can I make a donation to the Scouts program?

Information about donations will be live soon.

Where can I buy Scouts cookies?

Swing by the Paleto Forest Ranger Station or the Sunshine Welcome Center and ask a Ranger or Parks Employee. You can also check OnlyAds or Yeeter as we will sometimes organize Scouts to sell cookies at events, businesses, government buildings and more.