Palmer-Taylor Aquatic Study Findings

by | Mar 27, 2024 | News

PALETO BAY, SAN ANDREAS, MARCH 27 2024 – A study has been conducted into the discoloration of the seafloor near Palmer-Taylor Power Station. 

In early January the San Andreas Parks Department received a report of discoloration on the seafloor near the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. Thorough studies have been conducted including clippings of the fauna and observation of the wildlife around the area. Multiple labs have been taken and the results have determined that all plants and sealife are thriving and healthy. The discharge from the station itself has also been observed to be clean. 

Our investigations into the history of the plant and previous studies conducted over the years have uncovered a 10 year old report detailing a faulty waste disposal system. This waste disposal system was repaired in the same year and studies have been conducted since to ensure the continued improvement of the affected plant and sealife. The only long lasting damage observed is the discoloration of the seafloor itself.

The San Andreas Parks Department, in its commitment to protecting our environment, will continue to monitor the situation and do routine checks on an annual basis.